Technology and bicultural New Zealand: equity in innovation adoption across two people groups

Weaving is the art of interlacing two threads to make them one. An individual thread holds its own identity, but as it interlocks with another individual thread, the two adopt a shared unique identity. Bicultural New Zealand is a name given to two unique identities that coexist together as one country. The Treaty of Waitangi... Continue Reading →


Enhancing change in today’s schools

As teachers, we are always adjusting to change happening around us. I am inclined to seek more effective ways of doing things, and thus find myself as an “early adopter” (Rogers, 2003) when it comes to new technology. Although I’m not necessarily embracing the art of creating the innovation, I am always looking for new... Continue Reading →

Regionally Metamorphosed Leadership

When I think of leadership, I think of pressure. When a regionally metamorphosed rock is formed, there needs to be a lot of pressure to force the minerals inside the rock to become flattened.When this happens the minerals can become shiny and somewhat pretty. Outliving their potential to become something in life. The Haast Schist... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Leadership

An Interview with a leader: Q1:  Can you please tell me about how you gained the position you have? And what steps you took along the way? During teacher training, I didn’t feel confident enough for the classroom. I wasn’t fluent in Te Reo so instead, I started a business doing team-building activities which then... Continue Reading →

My research topic

Research Topic: Dissecting going BYOD (bring your own device) to highlight key areas of focus for professional learning for educators and review the manner in which students adopt an online learning environment. The digital technologies involved with this review are online platforms for school's to base their online work from, along with the manner in... Continue Reading →

Annotated bibliography: Online learning

Anderson, T. (2008). Teaching in an online learning context. In T. Anderson (Ed.), Theory and practice of online learning (2nd ed.). Edmonton: AU Press. This chapter highlights the facets of an effective online educator and gives detail surrounding best practice in this area. Anderson (2008) isolates the work of Garrison, Anderson, and Archer (1999) and... Continue Reading →

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